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Result of the Danish referendum on the opt-in model for participation in JHA

On Thursday 3 December 2015 the Danes voted ”no” to an opt-in model for participation in JHA.


Danes are going to the polls on 3 December 2015 to vote in a referendum on Justice & Home Affairs (JHA)

The referendum will be a vote on replacing the Danish opt-out with an opt-in model similar to the one the United Kingdom and Ireland have. This opt-in model would allow for Denmark to choose which JHA policies and laws Denmark wants to take part in.

The Danish Parliament hosted an IPEX Users Conference.

The IPEX Board organised a Conference for IPEX users in order to improve the utility of the IPEX platform. The Conference took place on January 26, 2015.

The EU Information Centre is launching its new website

The EU Information Centre in the Danish Parliament has launched a new strong and user-friendly digital platform in order to accomodate for the citizens and professional users who search for facts about the EU and the Danish Parliament on a daily basis.

Your search result 4
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