About the EU Information Centre

Which countries use the euro? Do I need a passport to enter Germany? What is the Lisbon treaty? How is Parliament involved in the EU’s decisions?


For many people, it is difficult to understand what goes on in the European Union. This is why the Danish Parliament has created the EU Information Centre. The EU Information Centre is part of the EU Secretariat of the Danish Parliament. The EU Information Centre is a politically neutral information service that is committed to answering all of your questions quickly, correctly, and free of charge. 

The EU Information Centre has access to Danish and international sources of information about the EU. We also have contact with the Danish ministers and agencies, Commission, EU Parliament and other EU institutions, and can therefore answer questions from all aspects of EU cooperation.

The EU Information Centre has a call centre and can be reached at Tel. +45 3337 3337. The Centre can answer your questions regarding the EU.

We also provide the option of mailing in your question. You may also visit the EU Information Centre, where you can ask your question, receive free EU information packets, or get assistance finding information about the EU on the internet.

You can also follow the EU Information Centre on our social media platforms:

Facebook: FolketingetsEUO

Twitter : @EUoplysningen

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Service Policy

The EU Information Centre will try to answer all factual questions concerning the EU. They are also committed to answering questions quickly, neutrally, and free of charge.

The EU Information Centre:

  • Give a quick, factual answer to a question about the EU
  • Can assist in finding documents concerning the EU’s decision process
  • Help with specialized information about the EU

The EU Information Centre does not:

  • Deal with specific or concrete cases or complaints (however, we will inform you who to contact)
  • Answer political questions
  • Assist with legal advice
  • Help look for grants
  • Write school assignments

We will try to answer your question as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Call us!
+45 3337 3337